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Secure Data Destruction

ECC’s Data Destruction services guarantee the destruction of all data via on-site or off-site destruction methods while providing value-add services such as asset specialization, destruction witnessing, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), and other services.

ECC can destroy data on virtually any data bearing device, including hard drives, media drives, SD cards, cell phones, and more. ECC can destroy solid state data devices into particles that are nominally two millimeters edge length in size.

Types of Data Destruction Services
ECC provides multiple levels of data destruction:

Data Destruction
Data security is at the core of ECC’s business. ECC is trusted by corporate and government customers alike. ECC gets it right every time. Data destruction entails registration/sectorization of data bearing assets and data sanitization or physical destruction in accordance with NIST 800-88 Rev1 to clear, purge, or destroy data based on the media and data security classification. This is by far the most common level of data destruction and meets or exceeds the requirements of most customers.

Enhanced Data Destruction
Some business sectors require a higher level of data eradication via enhanced wiping with multiple wipes or media shredding, our enhanced data erasure services offer physical or software destruction methods (or both) either on-site or at a secure ECC facility with full chain of custody

On-site Data Destruction/Shredding
For businesses that dictate a higher level of data security via shredding of data bearing devices on-site, our on-site data shredding services offer physical destruction methods with a full on-site chain of custody and traceability of all media processed.

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Electronics Circulation Center

Fully Certified & Compliant
All of our team members are fully certified and trained to ensure your data is protected and all of the e-waste is completely recycled.

We operate in complete compliance of DTSC and EPA regulations. For ITAR related materials, strict compliance of all ITAR regulations is followed. Contact us for electronic recycling in San Diego, Orange, and Riverside Counties
2618 Temple Heights Dr, Oceanside, CA 92056
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2618 Temple Heights Dr A Oceanside, CA 92056.
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