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ECC Commercial Recycling Service

If your equipment is obsolete, our E-waste collection and recycling program may be the best choice for you. Electronics Circulation Center provides and manages the services needed from removal to recycle. In most instances, the value of your recycled materials covers the cost of our services, making the net cost of removal to your company zero. Here is what our business, commercial and government services include: E-Waste Collection, Recycling & Hard Drive Destruction
  • Free pick-up and collection of e-waste from your business location
  • On-site destruction of computer or server hard drives, tapes or other media with Certificate of Destruction
  • Asset tag recording and reporting
ITAD Solutions IT assets disposal of equipment that is at the end of their life is not just a good tool for businesses, but an opportunity to recover some value through our IT Asset Disposition process.
Electronics Circulation Center team evaluates your assets based on criteria such as year, make, model and condition. Next, Electronics Circulation Center uses the our industry best resale platform to market your equipment for the best value

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Entertainment Industry

Regardless of your sector within the entertainment industry and the types of equipment you work with, ECC Recycling can help you dispose of it properly once it wears out or becomes obsolete

Small and Large Business

Electronics Circulation Center Recycling helps IT Managers structure effective electronics recycling business solutions that assist in adherence to corporate policies and standards. Securing and using proceeds from a corporate refresh or equipment upgrade allows reinvestment into new IT strategies.

Health Care

Electronics Circulation Center Recycling recognizes the importance of data security and provides certified data destruction options to ensure units are wiped and physically destroyed to healthcare and hospital industry standards.


Electronics Circulation Center Recycling brings value to the manufacturing industry by providing integrated IT Asset Disposition services which includes serialized destruction of assets, secure data destruction, and responsible recycling. 


Cities, Municipalities, and Counties use Electronics Circulation Center Recycling for community based electronic recycling events. Each collection event serves to provide responsible recycling of electronic assets that have reached end-of-life. 

School's and Educational Institutions

Universities, colleges, high schools, and other private schools turn to ECC Recycling for electronics recycling and IT Asset Disposition services. ECC provides secure and certified data destruction for the most sensitive materials.

Electronics Circulation Center

Fully Certified & Compliant
All of our team members are fully certified and trained to ensure your data is protected and all of the e-waste is completely recycled.

We operate in complete compliance of DTSC and EPA regulations. For ITAR related materials, strict compliance of all ITAR regulations is followed. Contact us for electronic recycling in San Diego, Orange, and Riverside Counties
2618 Temple Heights Dr, Oceanside, CA 92056
E-Waste Drop off Hours: Monday thru Friday
8 AM - 4:30 PM
(760) 724-3046
2618 Temple Heights Dr A Oceanside, CA 92056.
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